Christian Böringer:
R.I.P. Keith Emerson
Emerson, Lake & Palmer forever!
(And: Jesse Ventura for President!)

To the memory of Keith Emerson (02 November 1944 - 10 March 2016)
(Performing in the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen/Germany on October the 13th 1992)

There are fans and there are real fans: A Greg Lake autograph from 1974.
(Courtesy of Volker Strobel, New Mexico)

Original Key of Keith Emerson's Hammond organ, Model L 100 + Original Greg Lake Plectrum
Original organ key (fragment) of Keith Emerson's Hammond Organ, Model L 100
(Obtained after a short fight with another concertgoer during the ELP concert
in the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen/Germany on October the 13th 1992.)
+ Original Greg Lake Plectrum
(Picked up by myself just in front of the stage after the ELP concert at the Museumshof in Fulda/Germany on July the 11th 1997.)

Fulda, Germany, July the 11th, 1997: A dream was almost completely fulfilled.
Alas, Keith Emerson decided to eat a pizza instead of getting annoyed by me.
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